Logo Design

Every great business needs a great LOGO. 

Your logo should

1. Capture the essence of your business

2. Have an appropriate style that matches the business

3. Contain your business name

4. Have a relevant color scheme 

logo design process

virutal meet.png

1. Consultation and idea sharing

Our first step is to meet, virtually or in person, and begin to share ideas of how your logo could look. We'll ask questions that help us understand the business and then have the logo properly represent the business' style.

draft_review royalbluetech logo design.p

2. Draft review 

Second step is the fun part. We'll meet so that you can review the first draft. This helps ensure we're on the right track and on the way to a logo design you will be proud of!

final review royalbluetech logo design.p

3. Final Logo illustration review

The last step. Your logo design is now in full color and you can review to see if it needs any final tweaks or if it's ready to go!

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