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Owner of Royal Blue Tech

Every once in a while you hear about someone who loves what they do. Well this is an area I love and am passionate about. It took a while to pinpoint what it was that I enjoyed because I found myself interested in business, how business works and how they succeed. On the other hand I was really drawn to website creation and design. 

So as life would have it I tried my hand in business once, selling toys, but something wasn't right. I went on to work as a Software Analyst and studied web development in the evenings. Still, something didn't add up and I couldn't find fulfillment. Once I started helping family redesign their websites and create new websites for friends, that's where I found the fulfillment I was looking for. The marriage between an understanding of business needs, marketing, web design, and helping others just clicked. Helping people grow their business and improve their virtual presence is my passion.

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tech@royalbluetech.com  |  Tel: 973-295-5297